It’s not a real party until MO GRIDDER gets there! Doesn’t matter to us if it’s a small
intimate party or the whole neighborhood is coming, cause one thing is fer certain MO
GRIDDERS AUTHENTIC BRONX BBQ is a crowd pleasing winner for any event.

Make any beach, rooftop or backyard party awesome. Think Mo GRIDDERS when yer
yerning for the very best BBQ in these here parts. Perfect for sporting events, tailgating,
family gatherings, corporate functions, and holidays.

Our mouth watering, slow smoked delicacies are not only limited to our famous ribs,
brisket, pork, and chicken. Fred Mo GRIDDER Donnelly uses his special rubs and
recipes for all sorts of fish, poultry, gourmet mac n cheeses, salads, rice and vegetables.

Give us a call and we’ll give you, yer taste buds, and yer wallet something to smile about.

No one likes to party more than Mo Gridder so give us a call at 718 991 3046 and lets
get this party really started !